AAC Publishing is proud to partner with our writers in publishing their bodies of work independently. No writer that wishes the backing of a larger publishing entity should find themselves locked out in the dark.

There are many benefits to publishing with us. You retain your autonomy as a writer, but receive the benefits of having a publisher’s ISBN number listed in your book.

We also regularly feature and recommend the works of writers we have worked with, even if they choose to self-publish without the backing of an AAC Publishing Company ISBN. But being lovers of all books, we also recommend books and other items of literary interest from authors we have never worked with, some have never even met – we just love to share the best available to bibliophiles such as ourselves!

AAC Publishing Company is also proud to host a private Facebook group for authors of all kinds to get and share information. We do not have a separate page here on our website for this, it can be found by clicking HERE.

Lastly, beginning in Fall of 2019, AAC will be releasing a quarterly webzine featuring writing submitted to us by writers of all genres and skill level.

You can all of these great resources by navigating our menu bar, or clicking one of the links here:




For more information or to pitch us publication to us, please contact AACPublisingCo@gmail.com today!